Schuberth just announced their newest lid, the stylish, full-face R2. To celebrate they're giving away five amazing motorcycle adventures with five new R2 helmets to five lucky winners.

Along with the standard safety features and Schuberth's trademark fit and finish, the all-new R2 is packed with advanced communications technology. The helmet incorporates an integral antenna, two speakers, a boom-less mic, and slot for the company's optional SC1 communication system developed in collaboration with SENA. It is Bluetooth capable, and is also equipped with a large, anti-fog visor features an upper edge that remains outside the field of vision even when the rider is tucked in.

The R2 is available now in the sizes XS (53) to XXL (63). You can get yours in the classic solid colors black, white and anthracite–a kind of matte finish dark silvery-gray–for $479, or with the aggressive Nemesis, Enforcer, and Renegade graphics packages for $569. All have a five-year no-nonsense guarantee

The aforementioned contest that Schuberth is running to celebrate the R2's launch is called, charmingly enough, R2ME2. To win, customers can either enter to win the random prize draw or they can enter a photo competition for the best creative bike photo. Contestants can win one of five all-inclusive motorcycle tours–in places like the Adriatic, Ireland, Tenerife, Italy, or western Canada–along with a brand new R2. More details on the contest and the R2 can be found here on Schuberth's website.

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