Brazilian rider gets clipped, but narrowly avoids what could have easily been a much worse outcome.

One unlucky rider demonstrates exactly why launch and wheelie control exist

Launching a bike at the start of a race is hard, cracking open the throttle as much as possible without the rear wheel losing traction or the front wheel lifting, though the rear brake aids with the latter. (you go much faster around a track with both wheels down). This is all done while shoulder-to-shoulder with a field of other riders all jostling for position to get up front early on. So it’s only natural to see some riders over do it on the throttle when the light turns green, not unlike the fellow in today’s Video of the Day.

MORE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rider slides under moving semi

I believe the video was originally posted to Facebook by a Brazilian motorcycle racing enthusiast who goes by th name “Remotes Cuiaba”. Recently the account shared a video that clearly illustrates how not to start a race.

MORE TRACK SPILLS: Rider crashes Ninja

The video starts seconds before a race with all the riders lined up on the grid in their respective rows. One competitor who starts from the third position in the second row has his front wheel come far too high off the tarmac resulting in the track bike going past vertical, sending both man and machine to the pavement. Having started from the front of the pack, the downed racer has the majority of the grid careening towards him as he scrambles to get against the pit wall and out of harm’s way.

EVEN MORE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Bad friends, worse ramps, and an FXR

Only a step or two away from safety, one competitor—who I imagine had just passed someone on the outside—clips the fallen rider’s right ankle/heel/lower leg. Despite asking a friend from Brazil to scour for info, I couldn’t find any information about who the rider is or if they were injured. Both videos are really short, but pretty interesting.

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