Leopards are straight up attacking people that are riding moving two-wheelers in a remote city in India. Yes, we said leopards.

A leopard in Junnar (Maharashtra, India) appears to have a major grudge against those living the two-wheel life

The danger involved with riding a motorcycle or scooter is hands down the greatest factor that keeps more people from enjoying the thrills and convenience of life on two-wheels. There’s a plethora of variables that can keep you and your ride from going home in one piece. Gravel, sand, and other low side enduring debris, potholes and beat-up roads, rain and snow, strong winds, distracted drivers, etc. But for riders in Junnar, a new hazard has been thrown into the mix, and it’s a f****** motorcycle-attacking leopard.

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According to reports in India's Hindustan Times, two separate attacks have been reported within a month’s time, both of which saw a full grown leopard emerge from the woods and go after motorcycles that happened to be passing by. The first report came in on April 16, 2018, when a married couple was riding along in Junnar when the spotted cat gave chase. The couple made noise to alert residents nearby who were reportedly able to make enough noise to scare away the animal, though only after several minutes of what must have been a terrifying pursuit.

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Another pair of riders weren’t as lucky, and on May 2, 2018, came face to face with what is assumably the same motorcycle-hating predator. With his mother on the pillion, Prasad Ankush Kavade of Hivre Khurd was heading home in the late-evening when the big cat straight up blitzed the two, pouncing onto the two and the bike resulting in a crash. Fortunately the noise from the wreck, in addition to probably shaking up the leopard some, managed to scare away the cat.

On March 29, 2018, two farmers from the Bhama Ashkhed village, Rajgurunagar were also attacked by what was reportedly a female leopard, leaving the farmers badly mauled. When (what local reporters there call) 'forest officials' found the animal responsible for the latter assault, it was with a set of young cubs which likely prompted the onslaught.

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“I really doubt that the leopard had attacked a running motorbike. Unless being provoked, say the leopard is getting disturbed or the leopard mother is worried about the safety of her cubs, they will not attack. There must be some other reason behind this,” stated Junnar’s Deputy Conservator of Forest, Arjun Mhase.

Despite what Mhase says, reports seemingly suggest that a leopard indeed attacked a moving bike. So next time you run into trouble on your commute, maybe just be thankful your trouble isn’t a goddamn leopard.


Source: Hindustan Times

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