What do you get when you cross a four stroke Honda dirt bike engine, a Craigslist go-kart, and a Barbie Power Wheels Mustang? Aside from a trip to the hospital, that is. Well, if you're Edwin Olding of Grind Hard Plumbing Co., you get a ridiculous and awesome contraption and fifteen minutes of internet fame.

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Grind Hard Plumbing is a YouTube channel where Olding and an assortment of greasy hoodlums perform ill-conceived, death defying stunts and build an assortment of motorized death traps. It's our kind of place. In an effort to demolish the shopping go kart built by fellow YouTubers the BoostBoiz, Olding decided on the most logical solution—hop up a Power Wheels.

"I wanted to find the cutest Barbie Power Wheels car online and turn it into a drift kart," Olding told The Drive.

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First he laid his hands on a mint Barbie Mustang GT in hot pink. Since the meager 12v Power Wheels motor and plastic wheels simply would not do, Olding then snagged a ratty go kart frame off Craigslist. He decided on the air-cooled, four stroke single out of a Honda CRF 230 for power, an engine that conveniently already had a hi-po cam and a big bore kit in it. Once he had all the parts together, he got to fabricating.

The kart frame was way too long for the Mustang's wheelbase, so Olding cut a few inches out of it and welded it back together to fit. They welded motor mounts to the front of the kart frame and bolted the Honda mill right in there. The stock Honda six-speed trans was installed with the engine and rigged to be operated by hand. Once all the mechanical stuff was all squared away, Olding and the crew touched up the wheels with a little gold paint, installed a wing, and took the Barbie kart out for a test drive.

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In all, it took about five days for Olding and his crew to built the Barbie kart. It looks like a ridiculous amount of fun, and Olding claims that it has a top speed of around 70 miles per hour. If you're interested, and why wouldn't you be, check out the build and promo videos below.

Source: The Drive, YouTube

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