It’s hard to understate the importance of quality branding, and while having a decent product goes a long way, knowing how to market a company and its offerings is what often makes the difference between success and failure. Zero Motorcycles has just unveiled an all new logo, more reminiscent of traditional auto-manufacturer emblems than its previous logo. With electric motorcycles becoming increasingly popular, Zero's move brings the brand more in line with what customers expect of a main stream OEM.

Because Zero Motorcycles was founded more than a decade ago, its original logo was replaced long ago, and its prior “Z Road” emblem arguably looks a bit dated, so it’s only natural for a cutting-edge tech purveyor to want its logo to represent what the California-based manufacturer is all about. Zero previously introduced its now old logo back in October 2013, so it’s been almost half-a-decade since the design's debut.

The new logo has a more polished look to it than the prior one. The new logo also possesses a lot more potential for future tweaks and updates compared to the previous design. The new combination of a “0” and a “Z” is genuinely a pretty clever logo, plus it’s also a design that lends itself particularly well to being a physical emblem adorning a motorcycle’s tank or bodywork.

Image courtesy of Zero Motorcycles

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