Got a little cash burning a hole in your pocket? Buy a bike!

Can you buy a decent motorcycle for $3,000 or less? Sure you can. Hell, if you're willing to do a little wrenching you can get a decent bike for under a grand. Most people just want to hop on and ride, though, so we went to Cycle Trader to see what $3,000 would get us.

As of this writing, nationwide, there are 19,187 bikes listed for under $3,000. 5,854 are Honda, 3,284 Yamaha, 1,253 Suzuki, and 2,664 Kawasaki. There are 103 Harley-Davidsons, 88 KTMs, 36 Aprilias, 29 Triumphs, and even 4 Moto Guzzis. Not a bad spread, eh? Let's see what kind of gems we can find here.


Original story published Feb 2018. Refreshed July 2019.

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