Do you like gigantic lollipop turn signal indicators? If two sets of chrome-bezeled lollipops and what might possibly be the most gigantic red taillight known to god and man are totally your jam style-wise, you’re going to want to know about this. It’s a 1976 Kawasaki KM100 Mini Bike, and it’s looking for a good home right now. 

Powered by a 100cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine, this KM100 has a five-speed transmission, a kick start, and a whole bunch of reconditioned bits thanks to the previous owner. It’s also sporting a new set of tires, new sprockets, a rebuilt carburetor, and a brand new spark plug installed in 2019. New matte white paint and decals add to the visual appeal, and the selling dealer also adds that the electrical system was “refreshed,” but doesn’t go into further detail about it. 

Only two flaws are mentioned in the listing: a patch on that vinyl seat and some corrosion on the headlight brackets. Considering its age, and considering how much else has been tended to on this bike, those two things alone don’t seem like deal-breakers. It has 3,700 miles on the odometer, and comes with a clean Vermont title. 

Gallery: 1976 Kawasaki KM100

Helpfully, the dealer did include a startup and running video, which is something I personally like to see if possible when I’m considering a bike. Plus, it’s just always good to hear what one sounds like, right? Right. In this case, it’s even more help because this bike is physically on the smaller side, so taller individuals might wonder if they’ll be able to ride it comfortably. According to the selling dealer, the guy you see riding the bike in this video is 5’10”, and another tech in the shop is 6’3” and can ride it comfortably. You’re probably not going to plan any massive transcontinental adventures on this bike, regardless of your height, but it’s good information to have all the same. 

It’s being offered at no reserve, and the auction ends on Friday, May 15, 2020. The selling dealer is located in Menasha, Wisconsin, and will ship anywhere you want it if you win. At the time of writing, bidding is up to just $600 

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