Sometimes a custom bike isn't meant to sit and look pretty. Sometimes it's built for a purpose. With summer settling in and school out, families everywhere are looking to get some sand and dirt in their hair. Outsiders' NX650 could be the perfect blend of craftsmanship and performance meant for some brutality.

Built by Outsiders Motorcycles in the Netherlands, Jene (one of the shops founders) decided to take on a side project. As most side projects often take a back seat to paying gigs the bike did take a little longer than usual. Jene choose a 1989 Honda Dominator NX650, and after purchasing the bike he dismantled it to transport it back to the shop, because it wouldn't fit into his grandmas's car.

Once back at the shop a complete tear down was in order. The motor was in considerably great shape so little work needed to be performed beyond a flush and tune. The subframe received some attention that lead to remove the air box in favor of a cone filter intake system along with a relocated battery for better weight distribution. The rear splash guard was fabricated out of an old mailbox.

Bike Of The Week: Outsiders NX650

An 80s Suzuki SV400 tank was selected and  some beefier suspension along with a much needed, apocalyptic looking, skid plate. A modified CRF400 exhaust pipe mazes through the center frame and pops out just enough to clear the custom made seat pan.

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