If a thing of beauty is truly a joy forever, then this 1974 Laverda 750 SF2 is like an ice-cold, perfectly sweet lemonade on a hot summer day. You know the one: neither too sweet nor too bitter, and as perfectly refreshing as you could ever want. It has under 3,000 miles on the clock, and is currently available from a private seller in Bend, Oregon. Total actual mileage is unknown, the seller adds in their listing. 

Speaking of that seller, they acquired this bike in 2019, at which time they performed a bunch of service on it. They bled the front disc brakes, and installed a set of nice, new Spiegler braided stainless steel brake lines as well (the rear has a drum brake, incidentally). They also mounted some Metzeler Lasertec tires on the 18-inch spoked wheels, changed the fork oil, and serviced the steering head bearings. There’s no mention of any additional brake servicing—front disc or rear drum—in the listing. 

Both the fuel tank and side covers were painted red by the previous owner, but the seller notes a few flaws here and there. There’s some frame corrosion, and you’ll see some scratching and scuffs on the left gauge pod in a couple of the photos. Mind you, photos can only show you so much, so you may want to ask additional questions of the seller before you place any bids—especially since there’s no cold start/run video accompanying this listing.  

Gallery: 1974 Laverda 750 SF2

As for fun, informative stuff like service records, the person selling this bike only has those records from the time that they’ve owned it. Unfortunately, no previous service records are included. The bike does come with a clean Oregon title in the seller’s name, though. If you’re interested, the bid at Bring A Trailer is currently up to $7,000, and the auction ends on Thursday, August 13, 2020.  

Source: Bring A Trailer 

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