If you’re looking for a happy little maroon and gold 1972 Honda SL100, you could do a lot worse than this example. Currently for sale in Vero Beach, Florida, there are 3,000 miles on the clock, and it was completely refurbished by the previous owner, a Washington state-based collector. It comes with a clean Florida title, its original tool kit, and is being offered at no reserve.  

The phrase ‘completely refurbished,’ in this case, means that the 99cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine was completely taken apart and cleaned up. A new crank and gaskets were installed, and the valves were removed, refurbished, and reseated while the engine was apart. These things aren’t mentioned in the listing, but are detailed in the unfortunately vertical startup and walkaround video. (Side question: Does it truly take that much effort to turn your phone and shoot horizontal video when you’re not shooting for Instagram Stories? I digress.) 

The carbs, tires, chain, and sprockets were all replaced. Visual elements were all either repainted, chromed, or polished to bring a bike that was well-cared-for during its nearly 50-year lifespan back to an extremely clean, optimistic version of itself. In short, it looks like a totally rideable time capsule of a bike, from that pleasantly retro gauge all the way back to its absolutely gigantic rear taillight cluster and bracket.  

Gallery: 1972 Honda SL100

The fact that after all this time, it still comes with its original tool kit (or an original tool kit, at any rate) is pretty impressive. The seller doesn’t mention it coming with any additional paperwork, manuals, or other historic documentation, but then again, this light-duty trail bike is also being offered with no reserve. If charm serves as its own kind of historic documentation, this bike comes with buckets of it, just waiting to bring some early ‘70s Honda joy to your garage. The auction ends on July 16, 2020, and bidding is up to $1,600 at the time of writing. 

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