It's finally Spring! It's also tax season for those of us here in the Colonies, which means that many of us will be getting our annual tax return check from The Man soon. According to The Motley Fool, the average American's 2019 tax refund is $2,833. That's as of April 5, 2019, so that average my grow or shrink as the IRS processes more refunds, but a refund anywhere near $3,000 is more than a lot of us expected after last year's contentious tax cuts.

So, what are you going to do with your refund? Sure you could spend it on some new appliances or a down payment for a new car or stick it into savings. Why would you do that when there are motorcycles to buy, though? Having a little extra folding money after filing your taxes is a perfect excuse for buying a new bike.

"But RideApart," you say, "What kind of bike can I get for $2,833?" We're glad you asked! Turns out Cycle Trader is lousy with sub-$3,000 bikes right now. Lots of them are metric cruisers, of course, but there's a broad enough cross-section to appeal to any rider's taste. To illustrate this point, we've found five of the coolest—according to our very strict and scientific "bikes that catch Jason's eye" coolness test—bikes currently on Cycle Trader that you can buy right now for the cost of your tax refund. 

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