In narrowing down this list, displacement wasn't the only criteria. Curb weight was also a factor. Wheelbase and seat height are important, especially if you're short in stature, but it's a lot easier to move a lighter bike than a heavier one, no matter your own height. 

That being said, when the heaviest bike on your list is just 278 pounds, your bike's weight still probably isn't a deal-breaker. To put that into perspective, our number one pick on this list does weigh just over 50 pounds less, which can make a pretty decent difference. Then again, it also features a significantly smaller displacement, so, you know, it's all about finding balance. 

The thing is, while all of these bikes are often touted as "beginner motorcycles" (as though that's a bad thing in the first place; don't we want more people to enjoy this activity that gives us so much joy?), they're completely fun to ride for more experienced riders as well.

Obviously, you need the right circumstances and the right frame of mind. I haven't had the chance to live with a Monkey yet, but I would imagine that it's hard to stay in a bad mood when you're on one. Of course, I could just be taken in by its adorable looks, and I fully admit that.  If we didn't have emotions, we wouldn't love motorcycling in all its many weird and wonderful forms. 

On with our proliferation of pint-sized perfect city conveyances!

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