Way back in the late 60s, the US domestic motorcycle market was awash in super rad small-displacement two and four stroke bikes. There was a small bike for every taste and style back then. You had your Benellis and Gileras and Puchs from Europe and your various small-bore Japanese runabouts from the Big Four. Even Harley got in on the action by slapping a bar and shield on an assortment of Aermacchis and calling it good. The undisputed king of them all, though, was the Honda Super Cub.

Honda built roughly two Super Cubs for every person on the planet during the 60s, and the tiny, mighty little bike gave birth to one of the best-known advertising campaigns ever created. It was powered by a horizontally-mounted, air-cooled, four-stroke single that, depending on the model, displaced anywhere from 49 to 100ccs. A number of variants and submodels popped up during the 60s, including the bike that concerns us today—the CT90. 

The CT-series launched in 1964 with the CT200 and was, essentially, a Super Cub with knobby tires on. It had an 87cc engine mounted to a three-speed automatic gearbox with a clever stepped chain system that gave it am ersatz low and high range. In 1966, the bike was upgraded and designated the CT90, or Trail 90 depending on where you lived. This new bike had an 89cc alloy-head, overhead-cam engine and a four-speed semi-auto gearbox, a serious upgrade from the old pushrod mill. In '68 the stepped-chain dealie was replaced with a secondary gearbox for dual-range action, and in '69 the Super Cub-style leading link forks were replaced by telescopic forks. 

Gallery: 1967 Honda CT90 Sidecar Rig Auction

Now, I told you all that (necessarily) brief, abbreviated history (I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff. There just wasn't time or space to get deep into the Cub/Trail history, so don't @ me) so I could tell you about the cutest motorcycle you've ever seen.

I found this mint 1967 CT90 on Bring A Trailer while digging around the internet for more bad motorcycle decisions to make. Located out in Sausalito, California, this thing is a vision in Yellow. It's in fantastic shape and recently had a pretty in-depth tune up performed. While the bike is fantastic all by itself, the real news here is the sidecar. Yes friends, a sidecar on a CT90!

1967 Honda CT90 Sidecar Rig
Looks like Donald Duck in profile.

As cute a tiny, duck-faced sidecar as you'll see today, this unit is apparently a Tagalong Sidecar made for the CT90 by Jesse Jones Enterprises out of Huntington Beach, CA. It, too, is in fantastic shape and comes with a windshield, optional fender, and a killer quilted bucket seat in what looks like black leather but is most likely some mid-century space age material like vinyl or even pleather.

Tagalong Sidecar Lit
Tagalong Sidecar Lit

This CT90 is up for auction right now with a current max bid of $4,601 Yankee dollars and three days left to go (the auction ends May 30, 2019, at 17:20 PST). It comes with everything you see plus a helmet, goggles, original owner's manual, and a fistful of keys on an adorable surfboard and cactus key chain. If you'd like to bid on it yourself, or even just learn more about it, check out the auction page at Bring A TrailerOh, and if you do end up buying it, bring it by HQ so we can ride it.

1967 Honda CT90 Sidecar Rig

Source: Bring A Trailer

Photos: Bring A Trailer and PlanetMinis.com

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