You ask, the community answers. It's Ask RideApart. This week: What is the best performance motorcycle for the street?

Reader Kevin writes: "What’s the best performance motorcycle for the street? Supersports are incredible machines, but there’s no denying they’re bred for the track first and the street second. As such, they possess a number of qualities that make them less than ideal on the street, ranging from uncompromising ergonomics to limited tank range to too-tall gearing and top-end-focused power delivery.

"With all that said, what does RideApart recommend for the rider who wants a fast, capable, fun canyon steed that is also well suited to the daily grind, perhaps in lieu of ultimate on-track performance Something that can keep pace (ish) with something like a 600 supersport through the twisties, but also ride comfortably around town or pack up and go for a long weekend away?"

What works for you? Do you put up with the hassle of a supersport in order to enjoy uncompromising performance or is there a third way?

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