MLB Angels pitcher, CJ Wilson shares an essential riding tip for new motorcycle riders.

This week on RideApart's Essential Riding Tip we ask MLB Angels pitcher, Mazda Race team owner, and motorsport enthusiast CJ Wilson for his best riding advice.

What's the one tip you found most helpful when you began riding and how did you learn it?

"The biggest tip I've learned is to scan the road at all times for debris or potholes. We tend to ride the same roads over and over again, day in and day out, and it's easy to space out on giving road conditions your full focus. We do the same thing in cars but cars don't fall over when you hit a construction cone or pothole, so it's extra important to stay in the zone when you're on two wheels. Familiar territory can feel safer, but often leads to us letting our guard down and it's super important to stay vigilant when we're so exposed."

"I learned this from driving race tracks, if I hadn't made it in baseball I'd be a professional race car driver." -- CJ Wilson

RideApart's Essential Riding Tip is a new series featuring real world riding tips from notable riders.

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