You ask, we answer: What are the best motorcycles for surfing and getting your board to the beach and back?

You ask, we answer, it's Ask RideApart. This week: What are the best motorcycles for transporting surfboards.

Photo by: Jen Degtjarewsky

This one comes from Eric, a lifeguard in Manhattan Beach: "I'm not a rider myself, but reading about bikes and safe ways to ride them on RideApart has made me way more aware of motorcyclists on the road, and where they want to be. So, I always make sure to give them the space and awareness they deserve. Anyway, to the meat of my question. I live in Manhattan Beach, CA and I am currently employed as an Ocean Lifeguard. So, in your opinion, what is the best moped/bike to carry a surfboard and other surfing equipment around LA county? The Honda Ruckus looks like a good fit, but it is also a little lacking in power."

Can you guys help Eric out? What do you think the best motorcycles for surfing are?

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