You ask, the community answers. It's Ask RideApart. This week: What's the best place to buy used motorcycle gear?

This question hits close to home, following our hotly debated articles ATGATTĀ  On Any Budget and Best Value One-Piece Race Suits. Motorcycle gear is expensive, but it makes riding both comfortable and safe. So, buying used can be a good option to save some money. Reader John Conway asks, "What places would you guys recommend for buying used gear? I've searched Craigslist and e-Bay. Where else should I look?"

We should also note that you should never, ever, ever purchase a used helmet. They're designed to destroy themselves in the process of absorbing impact forces and sometimes that damage can be undetectable externally. Always buy new when helmet shopping and do it from a reputable source.

Where do you buy your used motorcycle gear? Can you give John and everyone else tips on what to watch out for with used gear?

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