You ask, the community answers, it’s Ask RideApart. This week: Is ABS for new riders a good idea?

This week's question comes from Levon, who writes: "The topic of ABS vs. non-ABS recently came up between me and an experienced rider. He said he made his girlfriend buy her first bike without ABS (Ninja 300). His reasoning is for her to really learn the feel of the bike and to understand braking dynamics. As a potentially new street rider myself it made me think. I always assumed my first bike would have ABS if the option was presented, for the sake of safety. Mainly to maintain turning control under hard braking. I come from a dirt bike racing background where I'm used to dragging the rear tire when needed and respecting the front brake to prevent an endo. I'm pretty set on buying the new Honda CB500F next year. What is your opinion on choosing ABS vs. non-ABS for a rider new to street?"

What do you guys think? Should safety be sacrificed in the pursuit of learning an important skill?

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