This video is pure unadulterated fun to watch. The driver/builder of this insane, GSXR-powered kart has some serious skills and a big pair, to be able to tame this brutal ride.

It's not only a struggle just to stay in the seat of this thing, but also to keep it in a straight line. With an inverse hp-to-weight ratio, you definitely don't hear the engine reach redline. Maneuvering through the short course, takes skill and concentration. Although, I'm more interested in where this race course is…

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Do you know where this track is? I'm assuming it's not in the US and looks to be held on the property of a mill,  maybe?

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The same driver/owner of the above GSXR 750 Kart, drove this 600cc-powered kart before. Here you can see a similarly brutal ride. This video demonstrates how hard it is to keep a kart like this straight, as it snaps loose without warning as he heads up the hill.


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Video: The GSXR-Powered Kart - Gixxerkart

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