We've just been too busy to realize what day it is, let alone that it's halloween today. In last-minute celebration, we give you a homemade halloween costume from a kid who put way more thought and time into than we did ours.

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He even has the act down right of a transformer that changes from a boy to a motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Halloween Costume - Video

With specially cut pieces of foam, PVC pipe, wire and some paint, this father and son put together a pretty cool custom. YouTube user, Purcali explains in two videos how he built the transformer costume (see below). Cutting foam into particular layers and designing pivot points, the guys made the costume fall in place, for cheap.

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The costume was originally built as a Comic Con outfit, it's modeled after the Arcee, which was a name referring to different transformer characters that often transformed into motorcycles.

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Best Motorcycle Halloween Costume - Video

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