What is RideApart?
It’s a new way find information on motorcycles and all the good stuff that goes with them. It’s also a publication, bringing you up to the minute coverage of the motorcycle world. Hopefully we’ll be able to help you make smarter decisions, save you some money and just help you enjoy the two-wheeled life a little more.

Do you sell motorcyles, parts, insurance or gear?
No. But we do want to provide you with the tools to make an informed decision on buying a bike, a helmet, insurance or whatever, then help you get the best deal possible.

What kind of motorcycles do you cover?
Everything! Seriously, we love to ride sport bikes, tourers, bobbers, street trackers, vintage bikes, dirt bikes, street bikes, choppers, cruisers, dual-sports, giant ADV machines, café racers, supermotards, superbikes, two-strokes, four-strokes, electrics and yes, even scooters.

How do I comment and what’s your commenting policy?
We use Disqus, the web’s most popular commenting system. Click the box at the bottom of any article and make your own unique login, or connect through your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

We have an incredibly intelligent, informed and insightful community here at RideApart and we do protect that through moderation. Contribute something relevant, interesting or just curious. Thanks for participating in the conversation around motorcycles.

How Can I Learn To Ride?
Here in the US, we’re fortunate to have a non-profit organization called the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. They teach low-cost classes both for beginners and experienced riders across the country. Depending on which state you live in, this course frequently counts as your riding test too. Start here.

How Can I Contact RideApart?
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