Watch This Sportbike, Porsche, and Polaris Drift and Stunt On Ice


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There's an elegant art of when things are in motion, a kind of surrealism that transcends stoic life in a way that's almost unimaginable. When things with wheels, treads, engines, and motors are laid against a cold and wintry backdrop, there's a grace that's unseen elsewhere.

The video shows a Triumph Daytona, Porsche rally car and Polaris RMK dancing gracefully on ice, like Meryl Davis and Charlie White when they won the previous Winter Olympics—except this isn’t Russia.

ice polaris triumph porsche

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The slick road is only matched by the slick driving skills of the three drifting, slipping, and sliding with polish. Even though the biker takes a tumble, it does not deter him from popping a wheelie and drifting the back end around.

Sans the dub music blaring over the delicious sounds of the Porsche and Daytona, the video captures the beauty of nature and machine, together and entwined.

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ice porsche triumph polaris snomobile

Photos Courtesy Of StuntFreaksTeam

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