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Is it possible to ride a bike, in safety gear, while still looking good? I’d like to think I make a decent go at it. With a little simple guidance to quality, practicality and crash-ablity, you can too. Here’s the stylish motorcycle gear guide for men in 2014. With it, you can crash a bike and walk away looking good.

If you just want to look like me, here’s the cheat sheet. The Wes-replica jacket is a Vanson AR3 ($550). I wear Deth Killers Asphalt-Resistant Jeans ($250), Corcoran Jump Boots ($120), and an Alpinestars Bionic Air Back Protector, the strap-on kind ($140). To that, add whichever ECE 22.05 helmet fits your head in either plain black or plain white. I like to wear an American Apparel Flex Fleece Hoodie ($50), and can usually be found with Racer Sicuros ($240), on my hands. There you go, put $1,500 or so on your credit card and job done.

The rest of you, who want to have your own style, while still riding in some semblance of safety, read on.

The Theory

“Do you, like, ride a motorcycle?!” Asks random pretty girl at a party/bar/any social setting. “No way, my mom says they’re dangerous.” You respond. She giggles, you smile and there you go. It can be a good look, this biker thing, provided you don’t let it turn you into Cosplayer in search of a Con. Think Marlon Brando or James Dean, not Nicky Hayden or Jorge Lorenzo.

Alpinestars Black Shadow Collection

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still in head-to-toe Alpinestars, Dainese or Aerostich anytime I’m out doing something dangerous or even just commuting on the highway, but if you’re using motorcycles as transportation, there’s going to be times (likely a lot of times) that you need them to transport you somewhere full of normal people. And normal people don’t think skin-tight leather onesies are a good look.

This is the guide for those times. When you’re not dragging knee, pulling wheelies, jumping sandy gulches or battling SUVs full of texting teen moms. This is for when motorcycles are just an awesome way to get from point A to point B.

Your Friends

You have a few allies in this war against ugly motorcycle gear. Accept their help.

Color: Nothing says “biker” like black leather. You can pull black off without looking like a Schprocket or an asexual hipster. That’s because you have:

Shape: Big shoulders, narrow waist. Those are the ideal proportions of a manly man. You get to wear shoulder armor. Get a jacket that fits you right and you’re going to make every other guy look like a pansy.

Fit: Unfortunately, it’s easy to end up all baggy with your motorcycle gear. Don’t let that happen. You’re better able to define proportions and body type (even beyond what you’re naturally working with) thanks to motorcycle gear. A jacket’s shoulders should fit closely to your body without being restrictive, the torso should follow the natural taper towards your waist and that waist should fit closely to your own. And, whether it’s jacket or pants or anything else, it should fit you without bunching or excess material or sagginess.

Corcoran Jump Boots

Height: Boots don’t just keep your feet and ankles safe, they add inches. Tall is a good look for us guys.

A Seam Ripper: These handy little devices will allow you to quickly and easily remove sewn-on logos, patches, stripes and other add-on ugliness.

A Sharpie: Use one of these permanent makers to black out the brightly colored tribal fairy dragons that inexplicably find their way onto most motorcycle gear. Literally just color them in with a standard felt tip sharpie. It works.

Leather Lotion: Turn an average-looking item of leather motorcycle gear into something that looks and feels expensive in under five minutes. Sound too good to be true? Well, you are going to smell like a meat rendering plant until it dries. We like to use Pecard’s, but anything will do. Don’t hesitate or wait, just soak any item of leather motorcycle gear in lotion and be amazed as it looks more expensive while also better forming to your body. Works even better on old, distressed leather, accentuating the character while bringing it back to functional life.

Pecard Motorcycle Leather Lotion

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