Pirates vs. Power Rangers: A Guide To Dressing Up Like a Real Biker

Pirate or Power Ranger?


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Illustration: Grant Ray

New to bikes and want to make sure the big kids don't pick on you for showing up on the first day in the wrong outfit? Don't worry, RideApart is here to help. Here's our comprehensive guide to dressing up like a real biker, whether you think that means looking like a Pirate or a Power Ranger.


Bike: Harley-Davidson Fat Bob Cross Bones Ultra Glide Super Classic Chrome Edition with Vibration Pack; FLHTBUTSEX.

Helmet: If you live in a helmet law state, novelty helmet purchased from eBay with "For Novelty Purposes Only" sticker removed. If you don't live in a helmet law state, $1.99-for-four Scleaming Eagle-brand bandana purchased from China via eBay.

Eyewear: Xtreme-brand sunglasses purchased from Chevron after your H-D ones flew off at 52 mph.

Facial Expression: Ohhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhh. Mouth closed to prevent bug infiltration.

Facial hair: As much as your employee policy at HR Block will allow.

Necklace: Imitation bear claw.

Upper Body Wear: An unbuttoned leather vest adorned with club patches and other flair purchased brand new from China via Harley dealer. Make sure you buy a size too small so it won't quite clasp across your beer gut. We did mention the need for a beer gut didn't we?

Belt: XXL women's "Studded Punk" belt from Hot Topic retrofitted with an extraordinarily large Eagle-motif belt buckle purchased from China via Harley dealer. We recommend Butt Butter to prevent undue belly chafing. Avoid direct sunlight.

Jeans: WalMart's special "GrandMa" cut. Make sure you get the acid wash and it's probably best to go ahead and buy them two sizes too big.

Chaps: Ideally you want these to say "dad likes leather." If the shop assistant doesn't know what that means, tell him "leather daddy." Bonus points for fringes or lacing, but under no circumstances accept any that could possibly protect a vulnerable area in a crash.

Footwear: Generic American-style work boots purchased from China via WalMart.

Tattoos: Prison-style is best, but avoid hepatitis by getting them done at Sally Joe's tattoo emporium down by the Starbucks. Choose stencils from the book labelled "Flames, Eagles and Flags."

Chick: Ideally the two of you will purchase gear at the exact same time to guarantee you can put all of it on your finance plan at the Harley dealer.

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