This week's RAW: baby KTMs are stealing the spotlight and coming to the U.S. and we find out everything WD-40 can do.

If you feel like you had a hard time keeping up with all the motorcycles news this past week, don't worry, we got you! This is RideApart Weekly (RAW), your motorcycle news roundup that gives you a glimpse of all the good (and bad) stuff that happened in the industry over the past seven days. 

This week, the small KTM baby Dukes take the spotlight with a new BS6-compliant 250 Duke unveiled in India and rumors of the 200 Duke coming to the U.S. The guys at Bikes and Beards also demonstrate why you need WD-40 in your toolkit. 

The BS6 KTM 250 Duke Gets Some Cool Updates

KTM 250 Duke Profile

For 2021, KTM updated the quarter-liter Duke to meet the new BS6 emissions regulations. The 250 Duke received a few upgrades for the occasion, including a new LED headlight which ultimately also justified a price hike. 

Read our article about the new KTM 250 Duke for more details. 

WD40 Can Do Practically Anything Ever

Bikes and Beards: WD40

Have you ever seen the duct tape/WD-40 chart that helps you decided which product to used based on whether something is supposed to move or not? The guys at Bikes and Beards decided to demonstrate some ways you can use WD-40—including testing whether a motorcycle engine can run on a full tank of the product. 

Check out the video about Bikes and Beards' multi use of WD-40

Angry Indian Jawa Owner Throws A Donkey Protest Over Bad Bike

Jawa Donkey Parade

What do you do when you find out that your bike is a lemon? You can send angry letters to the manufacturer or you can host a donkey protest. This is what a disgruntled Jawa owner ended up doing. He organized a donkey protest against the "donkey bikes". 

They say don't bring a knife to a gun fight, but nobody said anything about donkeys. 

Read our article about the Jawa donkey protest for more details—or for a few tricks on how to organize your own. 

Garelli Unleashes New Electric Scooter Now With More Power

2021 Garelli Ciclone E4

Italian brand Garelli was revived in 2018 as an electric scooter and moped manufacturer. For 2021, the firm updated its flagship model, the Ciclone E4, to produce more power and reach a higher top speed. 

Read all about the updated Garelli Ciclone E4 to learn more. 

The Kawasaki ZX-25R Is Coming To The Philippines

Kawasaki ZX-25R

After Indonesia, Kawasaki confirmed that the new and hyper-hyped ZX-25R will be available in the Philippines. Priced at PHP 410,000 (US$8,350), the model is significantly more expensive than bigger bikes in the segment—an interesting decision considering motorcycles under 400cc are not allowed on the highways in the Philippines. 

Read our article about the Kawasaki ZX-25R's Philippines launch for all the details. 

Weekend WTF: The Rumored Honda V4 Belongs In A New Magna

1984 Honda V65 Magna

In our latest Weekend WTF, Justing argues that the rumored V4 engine Honda is currently developing should be used in a revived Magna rather than an RVF. Considering he has a soft spot for cruiser, we can't blame him for advocating the Magna over a V4 sportbike but that's the thing with opinions: everyone's entitled to one. 

Check out our latest Weekend WTF about the Magna V4 to learn more. 

Yamaha Ténéré 700 Capability Showcased In This Short Film

Pol Tarrés With A Teneré 700

Ever since Yamaha unveiled the Ténéré 700 at the end of 2018, the model has continuously ranked high on the list of most hyped motorcycles on the market. Not only is the bike affordable, it also delivers on its promise of ultimate versatility. 

Of course, when Yamaha put trials champion Pol Tarrés in the saddle of a Ténéré 700 in the short film The Skeer, we couldn't help but share with you this ode to the bike's abilities. 

Watch The Seeker short documentary to see what we're so excited about. 

Custom Royal Enfield Classic 350 Encode Looks Like A WW2 Relic

Custom Royal Enfield Classic 350 Encode

We know, we know: there are a lot of custom Royal Enfields out there. Whether it's the Classic or one of the 650 Twins, the basic, straightforward models seem to inspire custom shops to create designs of their own. In this case, however, this design tugged at our history buffs hearts' strings. 

Mumbai-based Haldankar Customs came up with this homage to WWII messenger bikes and the result is epic. 

Read our article about the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Encode custom for all the details. 

2020 KTM 200 Duke Shows Up In U.S. CARB Filings

2020 KTM 200 Duke

Only a few days ago, rumors that KTM would bring the 200 Duke to the U.S. surfaced when anonymous reports whispered in one of our colleagues’ ears that the export was in the works. Aside from the hearsay, there was no concrete proof of this until we turned to the list of motorcycle models certified for 2020 by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The model was recently added to the list as a 2020 model-year which suggest we could see the model join KTM's North American lineup before the end of the year. 

Read our article about the KTM 200 Duke coming to the U.S. for all the details. 

Zontes Officially Unveils Small-Capacity Touring Cruiser VX310

2021 Zontes VX310 - Full Three-Quarters

Zontes is the brand name Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co uses to sell its motorcycles in Europe and in South America. The brand offers a full lineup of motorcycles on the Old and New continents and it recently added a new member to its family. The VX310 is a combination of Zontes' V310 cruiser and X310 sport-tourer which results in what the maker refers to as a touring cruiser. So... a tourer?

Read our article about the new Zontes VX310 to learn more.