You don't have to fold yourself up!

Hey tall friends, have you ever had the experience of being really bunched-up on a motorcycle? We’re here to help with a variety of suggestions for the taller riders among us. You don’t have to ride a bike that hurts your knees after a while. There are lots of tall options for us, even when it comes to beginner motorcycles.

Learning to ride a motorcycle as an adult? That’s OK, lots of us went that route. Those of us who didn’t have the support or the opportunity to get started on dirt bikes as kids, look around at small-displacement motorcycles to learn to ride on, and find that most of them are just too small to be comfortable. You can fit a motorcycle with a peg-lowering kit, bar-backs and maybe a taller suspension, but it might just be easier to start with a bike you’re a bit more stretched out on. Let’s dive into those larger-framed bikes for us larger-framed people. You can also see how your own bike stacks up against your dream machine with the Cycle Ergo calculator. It’s not super precise, but it’s a fun tool.