Take a first person point of view during a vintage AMA Superbike race at Laguna Seca.

I’m a sucker for vintage motorcycles and borderline obsessed with vintage racing of any sort. Dirt, desert, asphalt, or hills, it doesn’t matter the bike or the track, I just love the sound, smells and sights of seeing a crude motorcycle being ridden fast. Watch this clip from Superbikers a Breed Apart, a 1979 film by Peter Starr and listen to the beautiful sound of vintage superbikes tearing up Laguna Seca.

Vintage AMA SuperBike

The cinematography in this film is beautiful, and remember this is before GoPros or drones. The aerial footage is from a helicopter and the on-bike footage is from a large camera strapped to the bike.

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Watch as a couple different racers talk to you while maneuvering Laguna Seca in the late ‘70s, although there's no way the voice-over is live. It has to be faked, don't you think?

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Part race coverage, part documentary, all cool. It has that same feeling like watching On Any Sunday, and if you were a lover of that film you may recognize the name Dave Aldana racing up front.

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Watch the slow-mo footage of the 450 pound bikes bouncing around the track as the guys threw themselves into each corner. A day when men were men, and motorcycles weren’t easy to ride.


Take a POV Ride At a Vintage AMA SuperBike Race at Laguna Seca




Take a POV Ride At a Vintage AMA SuperBike Race at Laguna Seca

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