Small, fast, cheap, awesome.

Can you buy a good new bike for $6,000? Turns out you can! Not only can you buy a new bike for that amount, but you can buy a whole pack of seriously cool, small-displacement, exceedingly fun bikes for well under the US $6,000 mark. In my research—which entailed copious amounts of reading and dragging my daughters around to some local dealerships to touch new bikes and hassle salespeople—I found six great small, fast, new bikes (and one not-so-great, but still a relatively solid contender) that you can take home today for less than 6,000 Yankee dollars.

Now, this list isn't comprehensive by any stretch. There are smaller, cheaper bikes out there from the big name OEMs and there are bikes out there from lesser-known outfits like CCW, Kymco, and Janus that fit the bill. My criteria for this list was motorcycles with a displacement of 400cc and up made by major OEMs. So if I missed your favorite sub-$6,000 ride because it's made in India or China I apologize. There's nothing wrong with those bikes (mostly), but they're outside of this article's scope.